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4 Last-Minute Ideas To Celebrate Halloween

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Written by Going Places
4 Last Minute Ideas To Celebrate Halloween
Well, it’s here once again: Halloween. And just like last year, you started off October with grand plans and boasts to put together a sweet costume and organize an awesome party, but totally forgot about it until the week of. So why not hide your shame and do something cool (passing it off as your intention all along)?  In fact, everyone’s favorite spooky holiday falls on a Saturday this year, so you can even make something of a trip of it, whether it’s just for a day or a long weekend.
So pack the fake blood (or not), here are four last minute things you can do to celebrate Halloween (near or far from home):
While most folks still associated Halloween with trick or treating kids, it’s actually become more of a costumed celebration for adults with plenty of grown-up centered events. Case in point: the Halloween festival. To find one, you just need to head to a major city. The celebrations in New York  and Los Angeles (technically, West Hollywood) are pretty famous, but there are plenty of other major metropolitan areas that host their own festivities.
Get Scared at a Haunted House, Horror Hayride, Etc.
Let’s not forget that a big part of Halloween is about the exciting fun of getting scared. And now there’s an entire industry built around people looking for some fearful excitement. All you need to do is show up and pay the ticket price. Just use a guide like to find one in the region that you’re looking for and head on over, preferably with friends and family…cause nothing makes getting terrified more enjoyably than being with those you love
Visit A Famous Creepy/Scary Destination
From renowned supernatural spots to infamous crime scenes, there are plenty of places that you can visit Halloween weekend. Some welcome visitors, like the Winchester Mystery House will probably even have something planned for Halloween. Others, like the Los Feliz Murder House, will be off limits and only really allow you to do nothing more than walk by.

Be Part of an Attempt to Break a Halloween World Record 
Bizarrely enough, there are a slew of Guinness world records centered around Halloween and lot of them need as many participants as they can get, the largest gathering of zombies or biggest crowd of people dressed as vampires (both real records, by the way). And while it may take some Google-Fu to find an attempt near you, it would be pretty worth it.

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