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4 Costs To Axe From Your Thanksgiving Travels

4 Costs To Axe From Your Thanksgiving Travels

With Thanksgiving under a week away, by now, you most likely have your flight booked. While you might think the costs of your Thanksgiving travels are behind you on that credit card you used to purchase the tickets months ago, you might be in for a rude awakening. Before you take off, here are a few easy ways to cut the additional costs from your Thanksgiving travels.

Don’t Check a Bag: In case you live under a rock or you haven’t flown in a few Thanksgivings, the fees have mounted. Most airlines charge to check a bag. A round trip baggage fee could amount to $50 to $100 a person. It all depends on how much you pack. Travelers looking to shave off the extra costs of Thanksgiving travel can easily avoid this charge by packing light and going carry-on only. If you are one of those people that nervously bites your nails as you watch the whole plane fill up with bags in the overhead bins, you can ensure you will get your bag on board by getting priority boarding with your airline. Of course, this usually comes with a cost, but it is always cheaper than checking a bag.

Catch a Ride To The Airport: While you might not want to inconvenience your friends and family around the holiday weekend, Thanksgiving isn’t the time to be shy when it comes to airport rides. Airport parking during busy times of the year like the Thanksgiving weekend is not only crowded but it is also costly. If you can, catch a ride to the airport with a friend or family member. It is much more cost effective to bribe someone with lunch to take you to the airport rather than paying for 4 days of airport parking.

Cash in Your Travel Rewards To Pay for Loose Ends:
Whether you need to buy a hostess gift to bring to Thanksgiving dinner or you need a last minute hotel room because Aunt Judy doesn’t have a place for you, the loose ends of the Thanksgiving travel weekend can really eat away at your wallet. In a pinch, your travel rewards and miles acquired might be of use to you to save on the little things. When holiday travel prices are at their peak, you might want to use rewards to pay for that hotel night or even bouquet of flowers for the Thanksgiving chef.

Bring Your Own Entertainment: The stress and chaos of Thanksgiving travel is enough to make anyone want to get on their flight and start spending money on entertainment and food – even though what’s offered on board can be mediocre and pricy. You’re better off loading up your tablet with TV shows and movies that you can watch again and stashing away snacks for the journey. Your airline might offer paid entertainment with movies and television shows, but you will pay a premium price just to watch something for a few hours.

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