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4 Air Travel Fails to Avoid this Winter

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Written by Suzy Guese

Each and every year, travelers bemoan winter travel when the latest snowstorm freezes out their holiday travel plans. This year, before you take off, make sure you aren’t making these costly winter air travel mistakes.

1. Booking Connecting Flights Through Bad Weather Destinations:

Perhaps the worst aspect to flying in the wintertime is the unpredictable weather. A snowstorm in Buffalo could affect your flight to Washington D.C. if you are making connections right in the heart of the storm. If you can during the winter, aim for non-stop flights. Getting on a non-stop flight ensures that you will keep weather delays to a minimum. If you can’t avoid making a connection, play around with the connecting cities you can choose from with your online booking agent. If you can avoid frequently hard hit airports during the winter months, you stand a better chance of dodging delays and cancellations.

2. Failing To Charge Devices The Night Before Air Travel:

The holidays can leave us running to the airport in a tizzy. You forget items you need to pack and even neglect your beloved devices. A cell phone that hasn’t been charged before the airport arrival can leave you searching for the last lone plug in the airport. With delays a frequent reality of winter air travel, you don’t want to be stuck in the terminal without juice, so charge up your devices before you head to the airport. If you don’t have the time, at least book a seat on a plane with a power outlet so that you can do it in flight.

3. Selecting the Last Flight of the Day:

As we’ve already covered, winter air travel can be unpredictable. If you book the last flight of the day, you are also booking the flight that, if canceled due to weather delays, will leave you out of luck until the morning. Try to book the morning flight whenever possible. These flights are generally on time as the travel day has just begun. Also, if your morning flight does get canceled due to bad weather, you stand a better chance of finding another flight that same day.

4. Flying on Peak Winter Travel Days:

There are certain travel days you are better off financially and mentally avoiding during the winter months. Flying near Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be some of the busiest times to be in an airport. The day before Thanksgiving is also notoriously jammed with travelers trying to get home for turkey tomorrow. You can save yourself the long security lines, potential delays and your general sanity by avoiding these busy winter air travel days.


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Suzy Guese

Suzy Guese is a travel writer from Denver, Colorado. She caught the travel bug after taking her very first flight at just three months old—she was headed for Disney World—and has been a total travel junkie ever since. From family car trips across North America to stints abroad in Europe, Suzy travels the globe with her redheaded temperament in search of sarcasm, stories, and travel tips to share with anyone willing to listen. She blogs about her travels at

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