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3 Luxurious Travel Items To Pack For Your Pet

3 Luxurious Travel Items To Pack For Your Pet

Traveling as a human is hard enough. You have to deal with
strange sleep schedules, bumpy flights, odd food options and perhaps most
obviously, a change in routine. For pets, traveling can be just as difficult.
While we can load up on luxurious travel sized toiletries, earplugs and cozy
clothing to make the journey a little less stressful and uncomfortable, pets
often get the short end of the deal. If you want to make your pet a little more
comfortable on your next travels with Fido, try out these luxurious travel
items for furry friends.


Anti-Motion Sickness
Motion sickness due to turbulence, rough seas or bumpy car rides
isn’t fun for any traveler, even of the furry variety. If your pet frequently
gets sick on road trips or plane rides, you can treat them to a little luxury
with their collar. A number of companies produce anti-motion sickness collars
like Calming Collars and In the Company of Dogs. These collars are filled with
a blend of dried herbs that have been formulated to fight motion sickness. The
aromatherapy collars help cut back on the stress and discomfort pets can face
while traveling on road trips and plane rides.

Plush Sleeper Bed
If you plan on traveling with your dog, an essential piece of gear
is the sleeper bed carrier. Some of these carriers can be more basic, composed
of plastic, merely to help your pet get from A to B. If you want to make their
travel and sleeping experience a little more luxurious, some companies like
Sleepypod make a luxury pet carrier. The pet carrier is composed of a bed made
of ultra plus foam for maximum comfort. The Sleepypod carrier can also
transform into a car seat for your pet. In addition, you can make the
bed/carrier more luxurious by adding on accessories like the Sleepypod Warmer
Kit. Installed under the lining, the accessory to the Sleepypod carrier helps
keep your pet warm in drafty hotel room and chilly flights.



All in One Food
For pets that simply won’t take a standard bowl when they travel,
owners should look into all in one food stations. Our Pets makes a Store-N-Feed
Adjustable Feeder that provides an eating and drinking station for your pet and
also a storage unit. The device can store up to 20lbs of dry food. It also can
hold a two liter bottle of water while in the process turning one bowl into a
self watering system. Such a luxury for your traveling pet helps ensure that they
are getting fresh water and have extra food if they need it.


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