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16 Essential Finnish Words and Phrases To Master

16 Essential Finnish Words and Phrases To Master

April 9th marks Finnish Language Day, a day when many Finns give thanks for their often tongue twister of a language. Dating back to the 16th century, many in Finland credit  Mikael Agricola for coming up with the first written form of Finnish. Agricola developed the Finnish alphabet along with a number of Finnish words. While Finnish is praised as one of the most phonetic languages in the world, it can also be one of the most difficult for the grammar remains quite different from English. And while you could master those 60 plus letter words that frequently tongue tie tourists in Finland, here are 16 essential words and phrases you should be able to master in time for a trip to Finland.

Hei: Hello

Näkemin: Goodbye

Hyvää huomenta: Good morning

Hyvää yötä: Good night

Nähdään myöhemmin: See you later

Hyvää päivänjatkoa: Have a nice day

Kyllä: Yes

Ei: No

Kiitos: Thank you

Hyvää ruokahalu: Bon Appetit

En ymmärrä: I don’t understand

Missä on…?: Where is…?

Olen hukassa: I am lost

Lippu: Ticket

Ei kestä: You are welcome

Anteeksi: Excuse me


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