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14 Italian Gelato Flavors You Need To Know Before You Visit

14 Italian Gelato Flavors You Need To Know Before You Visit
Walking up to the gelato counter in Italy is a daily activity for travelers in the country and a daily language lesson. As you peer through the glass case to select your flavors, it can be a lesson in Italian quite quickly. The adventurous might just order a few scoops of the cold dessert without knowing what they are about to slurp up, while the more calculated sweat it out to see if they can do some Italian ice cream translation on the fly. If you want to know your gelato gusti, or flavors, while visiting Italy, here is a simple guide to some of the most popular flavors you will find at the gelateria.
Stracciatella: Vanilla chocolate chip
Bacio: Chocolate hazelnut cream
Nicciola: Hazelnut
Panna: Vanilla cream, sometimes referred to as Fior di latte
Zuppa Inglese: Translates into English soup; A custard type flavor derived from the dessert English trifle
Pesca: Peach
Ananas: Pineapple
Menta: Mint
Amarena: Sour cherry cream
Cioccolato Fondente: Dark Chocolate
Fragola: Strawberry
Frutti di bosco: Translates into fruits of the forest; Wild berry fruit
Caffé: Coffee
Mandorla: Almond

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