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Visa and Passport Assistance
Q. How do I know if I need a Passport and/or Visa for my travel? What are the required documents and forms?

Passport and Visa requirements can be determined any time of the day by clicking here. If the web resources do not answer your questions, please call us at 1-866-592-9685 to speak to a live customer service specialist.

Q. What is the difference between Visa validity and duration?

Validity refers to the amount of time before a travel document expires. Duration refers to the maximum stay in a country that is permitted on a visa. A Brazilian multiple entry visa may have a validity of five years, however, the maximum duration of stay at any one time is 90 days.

Q. What is an Australian ETA and am I eligible to get it?

An Australian ETA is equivalent to a visa, but there is no stamp or label in your passport, and there is no need for you to visit an Australian diplomatic office to submit an application. U.S. and Canadian citizens and about 25 other nationalities can take advantage of Australia's new use of technology for immigration clearances. Click here to start processing an Australian ETA.

Q. I have an urgent need for a Passport, what can I do?

Passport processing can be expedited based on the requirements. Once all documents are received, “Rush” services apply when 3-10 business days are available for the processing, whereas “Emergency” services apply when 1-2 business days, or less, are available. Click here to start processing your passport.

Q. What are the fees associated with Visa and Passport processing?

The cost of services usually comprises of government/document issuing fees, delivery charges, rush surcharges (if any), our service fees and foreign national surcharges.
• Government/document issuing fees refer to foreign consular fees or U.S. Passport Agency fees
• Foreign national surcharges are added for all travelers who are non-U.S. citizens. A research fee for providing forms and requirements will be charged for all travelers residing outside the U.S.

Q. If a Visa is required; do I need to send in my actual Passport?

Yes. For most countries, a passport needs to be submitted so the visa may be stamped on one of the blank visa pages.

Q. To apply for a Visa, how long must my Passport be valid?

In order to get a visa, most countries require that your passport be valid for at least 6 months past your scheduled return to the U.S. If you are getting a multiple entry visa, and your passport is set to expire soon, you might consider getting your passport renewed first, since most visas in your passport are no longer valid once your passport has expired.

Q. Does my child need his/her own Passport?

Yes. Each traveler needs their own passport regardless of age. For children under 14, the child must appear in person at a passport acceptance facility, along with both parents or legal guardians. Both parent’s or legal guardian’s consent is required, and they must present current, valid ID.

Q. My name has changed because of marriage or divorce, and my Passport retains my old name. Do I need to make any changes on my old Passport?

You will have to apply for a name change amendment in your current passport under your new name.