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Travel Protection FAQ's
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Q. What does my flight protection plan cover?

Sickness, injury, or death of the Insured, a Traveling Companion, Family Member, or Business Partner while coverage is in effect. A doctor must provide treatment before you cancel or interrupt. Exclusions may apply, such as pre-existing medical conditions.

• The Insured’s principal residence being made uninhabitable by fire, flood, burglary or natural disaster.
• Being required to serve on a jury, hijacked, or quarantined.
• Being directly involved in a traffic accident, substantiated by a police report, en route to departure.
• Inclement weather, mechanical breakdown, or unannounced strike that causes complete cessation of services for 12 hrs.
• A Terrorist Incident in a city listed on the Insured’s itinerary within 30 days of the scheduled departure date (not applicable if a substitute itinerary is provided). Refer to your plan document for definition of a Terrorist Incident.
• A documented theft of passports or visas.
• Bankruptcy of an airline, causing a complete cessation of travel services. Bankruptcy must occur more than 14 days following Insured’s Effective Date. The Plan must be purchased within 10 days of initial deposit/payment for Trip. See plan document for additional details.
• Travel arrangements cancelled by the tour operator, airline, or cruise line.
• Change in plans (“I no longer wish to travel.”).
• Normal pregnancy or childbirth.
• Financial circumstances (“I can no longer afford to travel.”).
• Business or contractual obligations (“My boss needs me to work.”).
• Anything not listed under the covered reasons in your plan document.

Q. How do I file a claim?

Claims should be reported online at

com. After you report your claim online, you will receive an email with details on how to submit documentation so we may process your claim. For assistance, contact Trip Mate at 1- 866-501-3253.

Information needed to report a claim: traveler’s names, dates of birth, dates of travel. Plan # and booking # are helpful.

Q. What if I have a travel emergency?

If you’re experiencing travel problems during the trip, contact Generali Global Assistance:

1-866-802-9530 Toll Free in US and Canada
1-954-334-4828 Collect Outside US Email

Q. What if my trip is interrupted or delayed?

The Travel Protection Plan can reimburse:

• Return flight cost for covered injury or sickness of the Insured traveler (and Traveling Companion).
• Reimbursement of up to $200 for hotel, meal and local travel expense if you are delayed 12 hours or more due to:
    o Common Carrier delay.
    o Lost or stolen passport, money, or travel documents (obtain a police report!).
    o Quarantine, terrorism, natural disaster.
• Remember to retain receipts for your claim!

Q. Should I cancel my flights if I need to file a claim?

If you are certain you cannot travel, call the airlines directly to cancel or OneTravel customer service at 1-646-738-4832. The Travel Protection Plan provider cannot cancel your travel arrangements.

Q. Does my flight protection plan cover lost baggage?

Plans vary so please check your plan document.

• If your plan lists “Baggage Delay” in the schedule of benefits, reimbursement is up to $200 for the purchase of essential items if baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours during your trip. Remember to save receipts!
• If your plan document lists “Baggage and Personal Effects” in the schedule of benefits, coverage is for lost, stolen or damaged baggage. Some plans are subject to a $50 deductible. A written report from an official is needed (airline, hotel or police report).

Q. If I change my mind and don’t travel, am I covered?

No, the Travel Protection Plan does not cover cancellation for any reason. The plan provides the listed benefit when a trip is canceled due to one of the listed covered reasons only. View your plan document for details.

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