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Travel Protection FAQ's
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Q. What’s does the Travel Protection Plan cover?

Unforeseen sickness, injury, or death of the Insured, a Traveling Companion, Immediate Family Member, or Business Partner. (Certain exclusions apply.) Requires medical documentation from a licensed M.D. Pre-existing medical conditions may be excluded.

The Insured’s principal residence being made uninhabitable by fire, flood or similar natural disaster, vandalism, or burglary.

• The Insured(s) being subpoenaed, required to serve on jury duty, hijacked, or quarantined.
• Being involved in or delayed due to an automobile accident en route to departure.
• Inclement weather that causes complete cessation of services for 24 hrs.
• Strike, resulting in the complete cessation of travel services at the point of departure and/or destination.
• A Terrorist Incident in a City listed on the Insured’s itinerary (Please see the specific wording for your state included in the certificate of coverage).
• A delay due to theft of passports or visas specifically required for the Insured’s Trip.
• Insured or a Traveling Companion being the victim of a Felonious Assault within 10 days prior to his/her departure date.

Reasons not covered:
• Carrier-caused delays such as mechanical difficulties
• Travel arrangements cancelled by the tour operator, airline, or cruise line.
• Change in plans (“I just don’t want to go.”).
• Normal pregnancy or childbirth.
• Financial circumstances (“I can’t afford to go.”).
• Business or contractual obligations (“My boss changed my vacation.”).
• Any government regulation or prohibition, war, civil disorder. (Unless otherwise covered specifically in the policy).
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Q. How do I file a claim?

The insured party should contact Seven Corners toll free number 1-877-444-5013. Be prepared with dates of travel, ticket numbers, passenger’s names and details of the reason for the claim including medical documentation if applicable.

Q. What if there is a travel emergency?

The Travel Protection Plan covers the following types of emergencies.
Reimburses up to $100 USD a day for reasonable additional expenses if delayed for 12 hours or more due to:
• Carrier delay such as mechanical difficulties or weather.
• Lost passport, money, or travel documents.
• Natural disaster.
• Injury or sickness of the Insured or Traveling Companion.
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Q. Should I cancel my flights if I need to file a Travel Protection Plan claim?

Yes, if you are too ill or certain you will not travel. This will prevent any loss of ticket value in the event your insurance claim is not authorized. You may call the airlines directly to cancel or OneTravel customer service at 1-646-738-4832

Q. Does the Travel Protection Plan cover lost baggage?

The Travel Protection Plan covers baggage delays and Reimburses up to $100 USD a day for the purchase of essential items if baggage is delayed or misdirected for more than 24 hours.

Q. If I change my mind and don’t travel, does the Travel Protection Plan cover that?

NO, the Travel Protection Plan is for emergency and unexpected delays prior and during travel. Please review the covered conditions by clicking the link.
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