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Billing & Payments
Q. When can I expect my refund?

When a reservation is cancelled the same day it was booked, funds for the Airline portion are not collected. Any pending charges you may have seen would have been a "pending hold" for verification. These funds will return to your available credit and will not reflect as a refund.  This process normally takes from 3-7 business days, depending on your banking institutions procedures.

Please note: Some Prepaid credit card companies will hold pending authorizations for up to 30 days.

If the airline rules allow for cancellation the day after booking, funds for the Airline portion will be refunded within 7 - 14 business days. It will depend upon the Airline(s) and your banking institutions policies. At times the refund will post before the charge is processed or may not appear on your current statement. Please contact your bank to verify the refund was received.

Any refunds requested after 48-hours of purchase are based solely upon the Airline(s) rules. If approved, the refund will generally take 1 - 2 billing statement cycles. In some exceptional cases refunds may take longer than originally anticipated. An email update will be sent to you advising of any delay.

Q. I received an email advising of a refund I did not request.

These refunds are typically for seat assignment requests that could not be fulfilled by the Airline or during a quality check if we detected an overcharge. This refund does not affect your airline ticket purchase.

Q. I have multiple charges on my account

This occurs when multiple Airlines or passengers are booked in a reservation. You will see a charge for each ticket processed separately. Any service fees, taxes or additional services may also show as separate charges with the description of Airline/Taxes and Fees. When added together these amounts should total the amount you were quoted.

Q. I have duplicate charges for the same trip on my account.

Verify with your bank what company the charges are coming from that have posted. Most tickets issued through OneTravel will have the description of NV or Las Vegas on your statement. If you are certain there are posted duplicate charges from OneTravel, please contact the Billing Department for assistance at (646) 738-4943.

Q. I've been charged more than what was quoted.

Confirm with your bank whether the charges in question have posted or are pending to your account. At the time of reservation a "pending charge" is placed on your account for the full amount. The bank/credit card company then puts a "hold" on that dollar amount, until the transaction either posts or is cleared. With a successful transaction, the charge will typically post to the account within 2-3 business days, at that time the money will be deducted from your account, and the "hold" will be released. At times the “pending hold” can show on your account after the charge has posted. Please allow time for the "pending hold" to return to your available credit. This is dependent on your banking institutions policies.

Please note: Your initial quote may not include seat charges, insurance or any additional services requested. These services are charged at the time they are selected and will increase the total cost of your trip. Posted charges may appear in multiple transactions which should total to the amount you were quoted.

Q. I do not recognize the charges on my bank statement.

Charge descriptions can vary depending on the type of reservation you have booked

• For pre-paid hotels, the description can appear as:
   • TSP
   • OT Hotel/Taxes and fees
   • OneTravel or Agent fee
• For non-prepaid hotels, charges will appear from the Hotel directly
Please note: Non-prepaid hotels may obtain an authorization on your account prior to arrival.

• Most tickets issued through OneTravel will have the description of NV or Las Vegas
• Any service fees/taxes or additional services may also show as separate charges with the description of:
   • OT Airline/Taxes and Fees
   • Agent Fee
   • OneTravel

Car Rentals
• Car rentals are paid to the Car Rental Company directly at the time of pick up or drop off
• Any optional insurance purchased and or Service fees will be charged at the time of booking. These charges will hold the description of:
   • OT Car/Taxes and fees
   • OneTravel
   • Agent fee

Q. I want to confirm my reservation.

Please click on the "Check My Booking" link on the top of the page or click here to view your booking status and details. Once you are on the "Check My Booking" page, enter the email address used while creating your booking and the last name of the passenger.
Once the above details are entered, you will be able to view the last three bookings created by you. Please select the booking you need to view by clicking on "Details". This will display the "Booking Receipt and Confirmation" page for the selected booking. You may choose to email the itinerary to yourself by clicking on the "Email Itinerary" link on the top of the page.
In case you do not find any results for your search, please verify the information entered or contact Customer Service at 1-646-738-4832 for assistance.

Please re-confirm your reservation at least 48-72 hours prior to departure with the Airlines directly.

Q. Credit Card Transaction and Currency Conversion Fees

Unless otherwise specified, all prices are displayed in U.S. dollars and all charges made are in U.S. dollars. If you are using a non-U.S. credit card, you should check with your bank for details on currency conversion charges. Your non U.S. credit card may charge you a fee for processing purchases made in U.S. dollars.