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I mood, people and love I experienced was perfect, now, how to bottle it up.

- Enoch  Oct 01, 2015
Grand Mothers if not for them.5

Met my Grandmother for the second time,first time i was 3 years old not many memories but now i will have many she is 85 years old in her right mind still plant and tend her flower garden, cook clean wash clothe for every one. She never stop going, i guest that is what keep her so active and young. I have cousins Aunties Uncles great uncles Aunties so much family it will take a long time to get to know and build a relationship with them all. I really enjoyed my trip. My Grand Mother is amazing to me. Our Family is huge so many so many.Thank for asking.

- Alonza  Sep 28, 2015

Facts About Flying to New Castle Airport

In the last 12 months:
  • 58% of travelers were aged 35+.
  • December, November highest booking months
  • January, April, June, March, February lowest booking month
  • 44% of people booked flights to ZWI 2 weeks before traveling.
  • Busiest Hours
    were between 11-12 PM

New Castle Airport Flights

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