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Benedict was excellent with me. He went above and more to help patiently as we are seniors and made us very happy and relaxed as our computer skills are not very good. Thank you so much. Benedict Joan and John Algie.
Joan - 08/22/15
The agent, Phillip, was very efficient and worked fast to secure the seat. I appreciate his expertise. He was thorough, easy to understand and got the job done. Thank you Phillip!
Linda - 08/19/15
I hope you will tell him that we were upset and he made us comfortable. He took care of us and helped us buy 2 tickets for $940. Thank you for having him in your team.
Joel - 08/15/15
The operator I had talked was very pleasant, professional and very kind. This is a great company for customer service because all employees are very helpful. I appreciate everything that the rep did to help me. Thank you
Steven - 08/14/15
I was happy to be able to express my needs and wants for my parents travel. The agent was very thoughtful and able to assist.
Angela L - 08/13/15
My agent was extremely helpful in my time of grieving for a deceased family member, necessitating a short notice flight.
Kathleen - 08/13/15
My agent was very patient in dealing with me to ensure I was a satisfied customer. Thank you Mr. Singh.
Tilda - 08/13/15
Marc Singh did an excellent job and follow-up. Thanks CPJ of California.
Charles - 08/12/15
The agent's name was Lawrence; he was great and very helpful!!! Thank you! A 5 star service!
Gloria - 08/12/15
I wish I had asked what my agent's name was, so I could tell you how wonderful he was! Very efficient, polite, knowledgeable and friendly. Very good service. Thank you!
Elizabeth - 08/12/15
Your agent was very nice, efficient and courteous. Will gladly use OneTravel again. Thank you very much!
Winston - 08/11/15
I am most grateful for the agents patience and gracious assistance with a rather difficult Itinerary. I am most pleased with the outcome. Thank You!
Mona - 08/10/15
Customer Service was excellent. Something I have not experinced in a long time. All questions were answered honestly and in a pleasant tone. Thank you.
Tanya - 08/10/15
Even though we had a little bit of accent difference, the agent worked hard to make sure I was understanding everything.
Ellen - 08/09/15
Simon was very efficient in obtaining flights for me and was most helpful and professional.
Carolyn - 08/09/15
My agent was Santos. He was very nice and made a 3 way call because my brother was paying for it. It all worked out so well. Thank you so much. :)
Jacob - 08/08/15
Due to an emergency my daughter and her friend missed their flight in Paris and the agent was very thoughtful of finding a cheap and the soonest flight. I appreciate for all the help he gave me. I do recommend your number to anyone that is in a situation that I have gone through today. Keep up the great work you are doing. Bless you all!
Araceli - 08/08/15
The agent I spoke with was very professional and answered all my questions I had I would definitely fly again with this airline thank you.
Maria - 08/08/15
Susan went beyond to make sure that I get what I want and at a better deal, I did call on Monday and the lady that I talked to wasn't pleasant and that why I didn't buy but Susan is very pleasant, nice and very patient, she put a smile on my face.
Gisele - 08/07/15
Thanks for the help in making my reservation. And thank you so much in making the change in my ticket reservation to accommodate my budget.
Donree - 08/07/15
Person was very professional and polite. He was patient in repeating information to me when I needed clarification.
Ellen - 08/06/15
Alpin helped me a great deal. I was really happy with the service.
Archibald - 08/06/15
Website just sat their spinning so called for service and was very happy with it.
Rhena - 08/05/15
The specialist was great, I normally make my own travel plans on your site but needed help, and Thanks!
myles - 08/04/15
The agent was very nice and he helped my mom out very well thank you.
Dovie - 08/04/15
Roland the operator I had was exceptional. He answered all of my questions and was very helpful.
Steven - 08/04/15
Brandt is anoutstanding agent . He ws awesome and helped me step by step through the process. Thank him for excellent service.
robert - 08/03/15
Patience is key to efficient customer service. Bosco demonstrated that to the hilt. Thank you.
Sthembile - 08/03/15
My agent was so helpful in my flight arrangements for my husband to get to Atlanta, Ga for his cancer treatments. I was most appreciated. Thank you!!!
Brenda - 08/03/15
It took me the entire day to finaly book my ticket!The last agent was wonderful the rest were only out to take more money!!
CHERYL - 08/03/15
I had booked on- line & made an error. Customer service rep was exceedingly helpful & courteous helping re-arrange my reservation. Super Service. Thank You!!!
Alexis - 08/02/15
I cant remember who spoke to but he gave the best service I have received through airline agencies...thank you.
Janet - 08/02/15
His name was Gregg and he was great Thank you.
Lourdes - 08/02/15
Her name was Marcie and she was attentive and efficient and persuasive. Very pleased.
Soundara - 08/02/15
Excellent service by Santos. Sure hope it is all true. I'll tell you after my trip!
Virginia - 07/31/15
Bosco was awesome. Extremely helpful and understanding. Could not have asked for better cust service. Thank you!!
Michael - 07/30/15
Parish was most helpful, so glad I called your office after our computer crashed. Parich called us back with alternate flights after the flights we wanted was no longer available Big thank you to Paris, you are most helpful and courteous.
Janet - 07/28/15
Agent, Parish, was very efficient courteous and very helpful. He tried his best to get the best flights for us, so, thank you very much.
Janet - 07/28/15
Your representative was very help and most patient. I have not traveled for a couple of years due to aging parents. Booking my travel made me somewhat anxious and I was so grateful for his patience. Many thanks!
Judith - 07/26/15
Elbano - 07/26/15
Santos was exceedingly helpful, polite and had initiative. My experience with him will make me a return customer.
Martha - 07/26/15
It's nice to have someone to help you in this day and age that have experience in there job they do, thank you very much.
Steven - 07/26/15
Customer service was very helpful and provided all the necessary information to give me a pleasant flight for me and my family.Thank you!!
Jacqueline - 07/26/15
I want to notice that Gavi was perfect as a professional and very nice and patient with me, he is the best.
Alla - 07/25/15
I use OneTravel every year..your agents have been nothing better than wonderful...thanks for a job well done.
Sherry - 07/24/15
Iker the travel specialist I spoke to him. He was very nice,very patient to me eventhough I have some problem and touble with. He still waiting for me to confirm. Thank you for his time.
Jean - 07/22/15
Agent was very professional and found me a flight in very short time I'm very satisfied thank you.
Ernesto - 07/22/15
Outstanding service. I am very please with the flight I am taking and could not have done better on my own.
Rosario - 07/21/15
My agent, "Sandy" was a very polite male, who knew exactly what to do, and did it quickly, with the greatest courtesy and caring. Thank you for this fine employee and this helpful customer service.
Lynda - 07/20/15
My agent went above and beyond my expectations. He answered al my questions and called me back after searching for the best possible deal.
Nancy - 07/20/15
Agent was very patient as we were undecided on times of travel and he assisted in an excellent manner.
Dennis - 07/18/15
Pherson worked with me until we found an itinerary priced right for us.
Bette - 07/10/15
I appreciate your great customer service and I am astounded by the awesome service by the representative IKER!! Many thanks for assisting with my booking!!!
Damion - 07/09/15
Sunny was very professional and did a great job working. Thank you Sunny for all your help. Look forward to working with you in the future!!!
Laurie - 07/07/15
I will continue to book my travel through your company simply because your agents are so kind and courteous.
Linda - 07/06/15
I wish all interactions over the phone would be so smooth and pleasurable as the one I have the opportunity to have with your agent Pierre. He was very professional and knowledgeable. Definitely to thumbs up!
Mauricio - 07/03/15
Your agent, Johatho was very polite more helpful than I would have expected. I highly recommend him.
Lieuwe - 07/01/15
Sophie was professional and very detailed oriented, making sure she had all my information correct! I was very pleased! Thank You!
Patricia - 07/01/15
Your agent was very helpful and even took the time to pay me a compliment. I was very satisfied with the price he found for me.
Alba - 06/20/15
You all have made me very happy and the little foreign boy I dealt with was extremely polite and courteous, I still have a major smile on my face...thank you!!!!
Cynthia - 06/27/15
The representative who answered my call was very helpful. His name is Pat! My last experience with One Travel was not pleasant and I did not intend to use your service ever again. Pat changed my mind.
Jidith - 06/27/15
The agent was polite and courteous and patient and very helpful may God bless him its nice to-do business with a real professional
Chaya - 06/27/15
My agent was extremely helpful and went above and beyond in answering my questions and helping me make good choices. I wish I knew his name so that I could highly recommend him. If all of your agents are as helpful as him then you have excellent customer service. Thank you.
Valerie - 06/27/15
He was very professional, good customer service!!! Even if I don’t remember his name I will recommend OneTravel......this is the 2nd time I travel with OneTravel THANKS A LOT!!
Nereita - 06/27/15
Herbert was tremendous in making this booking effortless for my dream vacation in South Africa. Though I booked 2 days prior to traveling, he got me a very good deal!
Victor - 06/26/15
Herbert was very helpful in finding us a good deal to our satisfaction. I had a personal emergency with family death & needed to get to destination as soon as possible on a limited budget so we were trying to find a good affordable deal. Thank you so much & God bless.
Johannes - 06/25/15
My agent was excellent. He answered all my questions with great help. He did excellent in booking my flight.
Helen - 06/22/15
I like the fact that Mr. Ernesto did not rush or intimidate me due to my lack of knowledge for booking the flight. He was patient and took time for me to comprehend what I was saying and he also made sure I understood him. He was very kind.
Priscilla - 06/21/15
I booked 3 flights with 3 different credit cards and the agent did it effortlessly getting me the best price and time. Excellent job!!!!
Robert - 06/21/15
He was so helpful and kind. Santos went out of his way to help me and to accommodate my needs.
Carolyn - 06/21/15
I made a huge mistake and the customer service agent was very helpful and fixed it for me with a great attitude.
Gerald - 06/20/15
The agent I spoke with was wonderful. Answered all my questions, was prompt, polite, and very helpful. I will definitely use OneTravel again thank you Evelyn.
Charles - 06/19/15
I really appreciate the patience and courteous woman I spoke with. Your agency will be highly recommended and I will call you in the future.
Cathy - 06/16/15
Our agent, Antwan was very courteous and helps me to make reservations for our party .We had never used this site before but won't hesitate to do so again.
Louie - 06/15/15
I have needed to correlate flight times on several occasions. Alpin is always helpful and I will contact him in for all future flights.
Leslie - 06/15/15
Santos was great; he went above and beyond to make sure that I got the tickets I needed!! He was extremely professional!!
Daniel - 06/14/15
I am absolutely happy with the way I was treated and only information that I was given did an absolutely popular job with me and if I ever need your help again I'll be calling, business with this company thank you.
Michael - 06/14/15
Gregor was professional in his conduct. I was not happy that my session timed out resulting in an increased fare. He was able to get me a discount even though it was still more than the original price.
Ahmad - 06/13/15
Megna was very courteous, friendly, and quick & knows well what she's doing! I give all 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shemoth - 06/12/15
My agent's was Mr. Simon, your company was well represented Mr. Simon he was extremely professional and it was pleasure to converse with him. He went above what I would have expected of anyone. Thanks Mr. Simon. Have a wonderful day sir...
Lewis - 06/11/15
Herbert was wonderful...very helpful, very lucky to have him working for you as we were kind, polite, and patient. Thank you, Mary.
Mary - 06/11/15
I was very happy with the professional, friendly service provided by the agent. He was very helpful in finding the best fare/flight for us. Thank you.
Ramon - 06/03/15
My agent was very polite and helped me in many ways with my ticket. I feel I was very fortunate to have him help me this morning.
Martha - 06/02/15
Extremely professional and service oriented. Highly satisfied with the service.
Sonia - 06/02/15
The service agent that booked my flight was amazingly efficient.
Susan - 06/01/15
The attendant was very nice and explain everything very clear.
Janet - 06/01/15
Excellent service, very knowledgeable, and friendly.
Gautam - 06/01/15
Very honest and clearly answered all my Qs.
Grace - 06/01/15
Very professional and accurate.
Michael - 06/01/15
The agent has been very patient and accommodating. He provided us good service!
Marieta - 05/31/15
Fidel was very helpful, personable and patient.
Margo - 05/28/15
I can't praise Pat Singh highly enough. He was helpful, professional, patient, and he removed all the stress of my travel arrangements. I will use his services again. Thanks for an excellent experience.
John - 05/27/15
Bosco was extremely professional, prompt and kind!
Mireille - 05/27/15
Pat Singh was amazing! He got everything straightened out for a large family vacation and made it work. Keep him!
john - 05/27/15
Hi, the young man whom I spoke to was very nice and helpful. Thank you, I will use your website in the future.
Mary - 05/26/15
I had a very pleasant experience in making my reservation.
Carol - 05/26/15
I spoke with Antoine, he is an asset to your company. He went the extra mile to help me and I so much appreciate it!
Phyllis - 05/24/15
Susan was patient, confident, and dogged, when negotiating for my ticket price. She's the best!
Richard - 05/22/15
Agent was very professional, respectful, patient, and very friendly.
Sandra - 05/21/15
The agent was charming, helpful and efficient, I have recommended your services to a number of friends and relatives!
Malcolm - 05/18/15
Simon was great, thanks!
Irene - 05/18/15
Fantastic service! The agent did a great job!
Marit - 05/17/15
Jonatho was very helpful and polite.
Renee - 05/17/15
I loved your agent, his professionalism, his manerisms, I give him AA+!
Jean - 05/17/15
Thanks for your services! I will always happily book with you. Thank you again and thanks to the agent that helped me!
Grebys - 05/15/15
He did a great job on helping me find the best price; very very polite.
JUDITH - 05/13/15
Kenneth was outstanding and a wonderful asset to your company. Thanks Kenneth!
Rebecca - 05/06/15
Agent was helpful, thorough, and pleasant.
Patricia - 05/04/15
Hatim - 05/04/15
My agent was very professional and very courteous.
Margaret - 05/02/15
Agent was very very polite, efficient and professional. An asset to your company. Rating should be higher than 10.
Vivian - 05/02/15
Thank you for all your help in making our flight arrangments easy.
Doyle - 05/02/15