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My agent was very polite and helped me in many ways with my ticket. I feel I was very fortunate to have him help me this morning.
Martha - 06/02/15
Extremely professional and service oriented. Highly satisfied with the service.
Sonia - 06/02/15
The service agent that booked my flight was amazingly efficient.
Susan - 06/01/15
The attendant was very nice and explain everything very clear.
Janet - 06/01/15
Excellent service, very knowledgeable, and friendly.
Gautam - 06/01/15
Very honest and clearly answered all my Qs.
Grace - 06/01/15
Very professional and accurate.
Michael - 06/01/15
The agent has been very patient and accommodating. He provided us good service!
Marieta - 05/31/15
Fidel was very helpful, personable and patient.
Margo - 05/28/15
I can't praise Pat Singh highly enough. He was helpful, professional, patient, and he removed all the stress of my travel arrangements. I will use his services again. Thanks for an excellent experience.
John - 05/27/15
Bosco was extremely professional, prompt and kind!
Mireille - 05/27/15
Pat Singh was amazing! He got everything straightened out for a large family vacation and made it work. Keep him!
john - 05/27/15
Hi, the young man whom I spoke to was very nice and helpful. Thank you, I will use your website in the future.
Mary - 05/26/15
I had a very pleasant experience in making my reservation.
Carol - 05/26/15
I spoke with Antoine, he is an asset to your company. He went the extra mile to help me and I so much appreciate it!
Phyllis - 05/24/15
Susan was patient, confident, and dogged, when negotiating for my ticket price. She's the best!
Richard - 05/22/15
Agent was very professional, respectful, patient, and very friendly.
Sandra - 05/21/15
The agent was charming, helpful and efficient, I have recommended your services to a number of friends and relatives!
Malcolm - 05/18/15
Simon was great, thanks!
Irene - 05/18/15
Fantastic service! The agent did a great job!
Marit - 05/17/15
Jonatho was very helpful and polite.
Renee - 05/17/15
I loved your agent, his professionalism, his manerisms, I give him AA+!
Jean - 05/17/15
Thanks for your services! I will always happily book with you. Thank you again and thanks to the agent that helped me!
Grebys - 05/15/15
He did a great job on helping me find the best price; very very polite.
JUDITH - 05/13/15
Kenneth was outstanding and a wonderful asset to your company. Thanks Kenneth!
Rebecca - 05/06/15
Agent was helpful, thorough, and pleasant.
Patricia - 05/04/15
Hatim - 05/04/15
My agent was very professional and very courteous.
Margaret - 05/02/15
Agent was very very polite, efficient and professional. An asset to your company. Rating should be higher than 10.
Vivian - 05/02/15
Thank you for all your help in making our flight arrangments easy.
Doyle - 05/02/15