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OneTravel Customer Reviews

Great tourist attractions  5
I often use Bangkok as my main stop when fly from the US. United offers easy connections with great fare even in the summer. I like to stop at Bangkok and spend a few leisure days for dinning and shopping and then head to other fun-filled destinations. To those who have never been to Bangkok, Thailand, I highly recommend you to include it into your next vacation spot. Thailand is very much tourist-friendly. It is easy to get around when you get to Bangkok either to taxi, train, subway etc. and the maps can help you get around town. Soon come before high season hits again!
1 week stay in taiwan  5
We stayed in Taipei's Jade hotel for the first 5 days, then went to Tainan for the next 2 days. We mostly went shopping in Taipei, my favorite place was Wu Fen Pu, which was what they called "Old Market". The food there is absolutely delicious! Lots of souvenir shops, clothing shops, and food stalls. Furthermore, there's a ferry at Wu Fen Pu which brings you across to other islands where you can do more shopping. Each day was exhausting and even though Jade Hotel was only a 2.5/3 star hotel, it was far, far better than I expected. I adored the little hotel complete with everything I could have needed, such as combs, cotton buds, floss etc. Some think 7 days in Taiwan is a long time but I think we could have stayed longer in Taiwan. There's so many fun places to go to!

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