Travel Alert – Estonian Air Ceased Operations

On November 07, 2015, the EU Commission officially declared that Estonian government had no grounds to provide continued state-aid to its national carrier. Estonian Air has declared ceasing its operation effective immediately.

If your flight is with Estonian Air between November 08-10, 2015 and your airline ticket number starts with the code 960, you will be given a replacement flight by Estonian Air. If you have not received a confirmation 6 hours before the departure, please contact Estonian Air directly at +372 626 6234 or send an e-mail to

If your flight is with Estonian Air after November 10, 2015: (ticket number starts with 960), tickets will be refunded.

Tickets purchased through other airlines:(ticket number does not start with 960) will continue to be valid. The airline who sold the ticket (for example SAS, KLM, Brussels Airlines, etc.) will offer at least a refund for the ticket, but is very likely to offer a replacement flight.

All passengers holding a reservation with Estonian Air are requested to re-confirm their flight confirmation and/or refund options directly with the airlines prior to departure.

Estonian Air KLM
Travel Alert – Transaero Airlines Bankruptcy Information

We have been notified that Transaero Airlines has filed for bankruptcy and ceased its operations due to a decision made by the Government of Russian Federation.

Transaero passengers will be carried on flights operated by Aeroflot Group and where necessary other airlines. Aeroflot Group has the necessary operational capabilities to ensure uninterrupted carriage for Transaero passengers.

All passengers holding a Transaero reservation for travel up to December 15, 2015 are requested to re-confirm their flights directly with the airlines prior to departure.

Additional information can be found on Transaero’s website, please use the below link to review your current Transaero itinerary or to see details of any new reservation made due to a flight cancellation.

Transaero Airlines Aeroflot Statement
Travel Alert – U.S. Department of State: Travel Alerts and Warnings

The U.S. State Department posts travel alerts and travel warnings for countries where travelers' health and safety may be at risk. When planning your trip, customers are recommend to check the U.S. State Department to see what precautions should be taken.

U.S. State Department

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